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Bullseye Ringless
Meter Locks

Snap Ring Locks

Panel Lock

Test Switch Locks

DuraShield Manhole Security Device

A New Way to Limit Manhole Access

  • Strong & durable security prevents unauthorized access
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Multiple Security Points
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport
  • Easily installed in seconds
  • Allows draining and venting
  • Multiple sizes available 
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Sidewinder Locks

For protection of ringless electric meters

  • Installs on either side or bottom of the meter can
  • Uses the same key as the McGard Bullseye Lock and Snap Ring Lock
  • Easily installed in seconds without tools or keys
  • Plating resists corrosion and exceeds all industry standards
  • Controlled access using McGard keys
  • Accepts standard seals
  • United States Patent 7,377,134 
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Bullseye Ringless Meter Locks protect against meter tampering


  • Uses same key as McGard Ring Lock and Sidewinder Locks
  • Versatile, easily applied to various panel types including gang panels and pull boxes
  • Inconspicuous low profile
  • Exclusive or multiple key patterns
  • Alloy steel heat treated to 150,000psi tensile strength
  • Hardened shroud & exclusive design resists attack from strong arm tools
  • Plating resists corrosion and exceeds all industry standards
  • Controlled access using McGard keys
  • Installation kits and mounting accessories available
  • United States Patent 6,308,997 
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Intimidator Snap Ring Locks protect ringed meters from tampering

  • Uses same keys as our Ringless Meter Lock and Sidewinder Locks
  • Easily installed in seconds without tools or keys
  • Ring design incorporates ratcheting for perfect fit on glass or Lexan covers
  • Case hardened rings
  • Serialized lock body for identification and tracking purposes
  • Accepts standard seals
  • Multiple colors available (yellow, black, silver)
  • Utilizes advanced McGard locking technology
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Intimidator Panel Locks, security against unauthorized access

  • Controlled access using McGard keys with exclusive or multiple patterns available
  • Recessed for greater security
  • Positive cam Lock action
  • Key works as handle when lock is open and can not be removed until the lock is closed and locked
  • McGard utilizes proprietary technology in the design of the operating key
  • Keys can only be purchased from McGard insuring the integrity of your security system
  • Built-in 90 degree stop prevents over rotation
  • Easily installed or retro-fitted in the field without power tools or major modifications to the cabinet
  • Panel Lock components are manufactured from stainless steel and heat treated for maximum strength, durability, and theft resistance
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Intimidator Test Switch Locks, protection against energy theft

  • Controlled access using McGard keys
  • Protects 3-phase meter installations from theft of service
  • Unique 2-piece construction of hardened alloy steel
  • Plating resists corrosion and exceeds all industry standards
  • Free-spinning outer shroud protects against gripping with common tools
  • For use on test switches, pull sections, CT and PT cabinets
  • Simply replace any existing knurled or wing nut
  • Exclusive or multiple patterns available
  • Standard sizes available: 1/4"-20 and M10 x 1.5
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