Intimidator Security Fasteners

Maximum Protection for your Application

McGard’s Intimidator line of security products is a family of security locks that are superior to any other mechanical theft devices on the market. The McGard locking pattern technology is unique in the industry. Installation or removal of each lock is accomplished with its matching key (tool). McGard offers computer designed extra-narrow groove patterns that can be cost-effectively adapted to an unlimited range of applications. Key registration, to authorized personnel, and computerized tracking of key codes assures you that no unauthorized keys will be distributed in your geographic region. Every Intimidator product is made of only the highest grades of alloy steel and heat treated for maximum strength. We offer a complete range of plating types to match your requirements and industry accepted plating specifications.

Security Solutions as Varied as Our Customers

The Intimidator line of security products meet a wide range of security needs, from the simplest theft prevention requirement to the highest security situation. Whether your application requires one of our standard products, a customized version, or a completely new design, McGard Special Products Division will work with you to develop the most effective solution.

The following pages describe our standard Intimidator products and some common applications. We also offer a complete inventory of Intimidator security fasteners in common sizes that can be used to easily secure any item mounted, attached or held together with standard nuts and bolts.