2017 – Present Mercedes-Benz Application Chart

Mercedes-Benz offers a large array of wheel packages for each model and trim level. Some of these wheel packages require fasteners with varying lug bolt dimensions. Because so many options exist, we have created the chart below to assist you in selecting the correct McGard product.

In this chart, you will see a breakdown of the most commonly used Mercedes-Benz original equipment lug bolt part numbers along with their dimensions and corresponding McGard kit recommendations. In many cases, fastener dimensions may vary depending on model, trim level and/or wheel package. To utilize this chart, you must have the OE part number of the lug bolts originally installed on your vehicle. You may easily obtain this part number by providing your VIN# to the Parts Department of your local Mercedes-Benz dealership. Once you have obtained this part number, you may then cross-reference it to the McGard wheel lock set or hex bolt installation kit that is recommended for use on your vehicle.

***NOTE: This chart is a reference tool designed solely for 2017-Present Mercedes-Benz applications utilizing original equipment aluminum wheel packages. This chart may NOT be used as a reference tool for aftermarket wheels. For all aftermarket wheel inquiries, please contact McGard directly for assistance at 1.800.444.5847, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST***